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More Problems with Drugs and Chemicals in Our Waters

Great Lakes fish such a rock bass and others are showing up with anti-depressants in their brains.  Recent studies have shown more and more of what comes out of us enters the system and into waters and thus ends up in the food chain.  One of the reasons is our ancient water treatment plants and the failure of DEPs, and the EPA to accurately understand the situation as well as state and local governments to upgrade our failing infrastructure. Our systems are being overwhelmed and no one cares.  I'll have a paper on this at a later date.

Problems with Access on the Yellow Breeches

Recently, a number of fly anglers have told me the new owners of Boiling Spring Playhouse Lodge Complex (known as the Allenberry) are saying fishing is only for their guests.  If this is true this will put an enormous amount of pressure on the other areas of the stream above and below this.  This will also put a damper on the amount of money going into the community including fly shops!  I'll find out what's really happening because this may have far reaching repercussions.

PA Wild Trout Conference!

The PFBC hosted a Wild Trout Conference in late August. The PFBC knows nothing about Wild Trout because if they did it would show up in the management of their streams which are f**k**g pitiful! Perhaps some of us can organize a real wild trout conference in the future. Falling Spring Run, Letort Spring Run and the job they are doing on Big Spring show that the PFBC has no clue on earth to what they are doing! If they want to know about wild trout perhaps they should discover their own destruction of their limestone spring creeks! A agency hosting a wild trout conference while some its greatest streams are a total wreck! Unbelievable!

Big Spring Wild Trout Population and the Stream in Trouble Again!

My late co-scientist Dr. Jack Black had one major character flaw: he believed that after we closed the hatchery due to our research the PFBC and The DEP would do the right thing.  I told him he was naieve.  I had the utmost respect for Jack and miss him dearly.  Jack passed away right after the stream started to comeback and he left this earth believing that they would do the right thing. I think he would be crying now.  The late Ed Koch, Charlie Fox's friend, fly fishing angler and writer bluntly told Jack and me about the PFBC and DEP: "Put a stake in their heart!  Because if you don't these idiots are like vampires!  They will come back and fuck it up again!"  Ed was right!  The late Ernie Schwiebert told me and Jack the same thing! Ernie also added, "Don't ever, ever trust them." Charlie Fox and Vince Marinaro had no love for these agencies.  They told me many times that they were both incompetent! The PFBC actually threatened to prosecute Charlie Fox for putting in gravel-spawning beds in front of his house on the Letort!

The PFBC does not understand a single limestone spring creek in the state.  They have limited understanding of freestone streams too as far as I'm concerned. The first mess started with the almost million dollar stream improvement.  This is not a construction for a spring creek and the change of velocities in the stream favored the rainbows. They were warned about the consequences but to no avail.  Furthermore, my investigation of stream substrates showed that they were permantely damaged for nearly 3 miles due to the stream construction.  Do you remember all the Sulfurs that were coming back?  What happened to them?  The substrates were damaged and thus so were the Sulfur populations.  Contrary to the belief systems of people who do not understand substrates, in streams like Big Spring they are a thin venier and once damaged may never totally recover! This is the reason that English River Keepers spend so much time managing and maintaining substrates in their chalk streams

I've been examing the population data from the PFBC.  I have warned them of the excessive poaching and the fact that these fish get big by mating assortatively and what the consequences of the populaton dynamics would be if the poaching continues.  The large fish population has crashed.  The largest rainbow was around 20 inches in this year's electro fishing survey.  Are you kidding me!  There were rainbows in this stream up to 10 pounds because I caught them. I know people who caught bigger fish.  There were  large bows up to 31 inches. Many rainbows were in the 25 to 28 inch class that looked like giant footballs. There were brookies in the 20 inch class.

I will have further analysis of this in the future.  I have also informed them of the problems in the ditch which I believe are the results of massive loads Class B biosolids that are now being sprayed on the farms around Big Spring.  I warned all the gangbanger anglers and their groups who for some reason still trust agencies that allowed the stream to be destroyed in the first place. Why so many fly anglers and so called groups dedicated to protecting our waters continue to believe their bullshit is beyone me. Are you laughing now!

Fly Anglers Should Stay Out of Most Parts of Mexico Including Cancun and the Baja

I should have told anglers this a couple of years ago but I'm sure no one would believe me. An ex CIA player told me they had plenty of intelligence about drug gangs moving into these areas and that it was only a matter of time before the murders occurred. I know fly fishing sites and outfitters say these areas are safe. They are not and now this has hit the mainstream media. I apologize for not informing you. It's so bad that many "Captains" of charters in Mexico and Central American destinations are extremely cautious. I've known a few that have told me that they wouldn't be going back! Don't let these morons running around on the internet and tube telling you we are all alike and everyone is safe! I hate to hurt their business model but heed my warning!

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Conewago Fly Fishers


I have a few openings in our private fly fishing club. Over 90% Wild Trout with Rainbows and Browns up to 29 inches! These are wild trout in a beautiful setting in Pennsylvania. We stricly limit the number of anglers. This is resource first club! We take care of the stream and fish rather than stock a stream to death with dumb fish. If you would like this experience. Please note we kill no fish. Strictly Catch and Release! Please contact me at once:


25 Inch Wild Brown Trout From Conewago Fly Fishers Private Water

This is 25 plus inch Wild Brown Trout Caught on a Dry Fly In April on the Private Water of The Conewago Fly Fishers. LOOKS LIKE A Brown From The MADISON --Doesn't IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Au Sable River in Michigan Under Attack from Private Hatchery

A few months ago I was called by a reporter for the Detroit Free Press. I was interviewed about my study with the late Dr. Black on Big Spring Creek that shut down the hatchery. They are using the study to help them. A private commercial hatchery is going to start operation that would dump the effluent directly into a branch of the Au Sable.which is one of the great trout streams in America. Here's the link to the Au Sable Anglers:

It's time fishermen and especially fly anglers take a stand on this idiocy. The Au Sable brings in millions and millions of dollars into Michigan. They will destroy it so some guy can try and make a few pennies (and he'll be lucky if he does that). Furthermore, the guy got a grant from the state...corporate wellfare at its best. Here's the Governor's telephone. Tell him that you and your friends will boycott coming to his state for fishing or anything else. This is the same governor, Snyder invvolved in the Flint Water fiasco. You want the permit pulled. You can read what the Au Sable Anglers are trying but money talks.


his address if you prefer to write:

Govenor Rick Snyder

P.O. Box 30013

Lansing, Michigan 48909


A Look At Bamboo Rod Tapers


Tom Smithwick



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Wild Trout: Do Fly Fishermen Really Want Them?


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The Art and Science of It

How to Use Weight in Fly Fishing at

It's one of the great arguments in fly fishing....Using Weight! Many fly anglers will not use split shot, lead, or any form of weight and consider it unsporting. I should say that most of these fellows don't catch many fish (More)


Outdoor and Underwater Cameras for Fly Fishermen

Canon Underwater Camera from Outdoor and Underwater Cameras for Fly Fishermen at www.

I've watched fly anglers use their valuable cell phones for outdoor cameras and I must shake my head. I've also watched these phone cameras get dunked! I really don't (More)



The Fate of the Montana Grayling
George Wuerthner

Bighole Grayling from Montana at

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is taking comments on the proposed listing of the Distinct Population Segment (DPS) of Arctic grayling (Thymallus arcticus) under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Following the status review, the Service will either publish a proposed rule to protect the Arctic grayling under the ESA, or a withdrawal from candidate status in the Federal Register by Sept. 30, 2014. This may be the final step in the long drawn (more)



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Ed Shenk's The Letort Hopper

The Letort Hopper is one of the deadliest flies ever invented yet I see few fly anglers ever using it even on spring creeks.  Why?  I don't really know (more

Letort Hopper from Ed Shenk's Letort Hopper at

Booking for Private Waters as Well as Pennsylvania Spring Creeks

Allen Kessel with a Wild Brown from the Conewago Creek at

The Hare's Ear G.R. Wet Fly

Why You Should Carry Lots of These in Your Fly Box!

Fly Fishing Debauchery!

It's What Fly Fishing is All About!

Catching Big Trout

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Catching Big Trout


Private Waters An Objective Look

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Big Trout From Private Waters:

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